Southampton Solent Freshers 2014 (AAA Pass): Freshers’ Fortnight, Freshers’ Ball, Freshers’ Rave, BNO, Halls Wars

The 2014 AAA Pass is on sale now: It’s the only Southampton Solent Freshers’ Week ticket you need. The AAA Pass scheme is built by Southampton Solent Students’ Union & Dirty Box Promotions. An AAA Pass can be purchased for a fixed price of £50 and provides entry to 16 nights spread throughout Southampton Solent SU’s Freshers’ Fortnight. The AAA Pass is aimed at students joining Southampton Solent University in 2014.

Tickets for the official Freshers’ Moving-In Party and DBP’s mult-venue Halloween 2014 event can be purchased alongside the AAA Pass.

The AAA Pass gives access to all official events held during the Freshers’ period for one set price. Some of the key events are as follows:

  • Halls Wars at Oceana with a special guest TBA
  • Big Night Out (BNO) T-Shirt Bar Crawl: 5000 students across 12 Southampton venues
  • Freshers’ Rave 2014 presented by Speakerbox featuring Jaguar Skills, MistaJam, and more
  • The Solent Freshers’ Ball 2014 featuring MK, Zane Lowe, Jess Glynne, and more

The 2014 AAA Pass costs £50 (plus booking fee). The RRP is over £150.

The AAA Pass is the only official Southampton Solent SU Freshers 2014 ticket scheme. However, tickets for individual events can also be purchased:


Full AAA 2014 calendar:

  • Sunday 21st September: Halls Wars @ Oceana (special guest TBA)
  • Monday 22nd September: Switch Mondays @ TBA
  • Monday 22nd September: Lab Mondays @ Cafe Parfait
  • Tuesday 23rd September: Southampton Bloc Party (multi-venue bar crawl around Bedford Place)
  • Wednesday 24th September: Student Therapy @ Oceana
  • Thursday 25th September: BNO (Big Night Out, mult-venue t-shirt bar crawl around Southampton)
  • Friday 26th September: Juiced @ TBA
  • Friday 26th September: A Touch Of Class @ 90 Degrees
  • Sunday 28th September: Speakerbox Frshers’ Rave @ Oceana (Jaguar Skills, MistaJam)
  • Monday 29th September: Switch Mondays @ TBA
  • Monday 29th September: Lab Mondays @ Cafe Parfait
  • Tuesday 30th September: Southampton Bloc Party (multi-venue bar crawl around Bedford Place)
  • Wednesday 1st October: Student Therapy @ Oceana
  • Thursday 2nd October: Propaganda @ TBA
  • Friday 3rd October: Juiced @ TBA & A Touch Of Class @ 90 Degrees
  • Sunday 5th October: Freshers’ Ball @ Oceana (MK, Zane Low, Jess Glynne)

Alternative Freshers’ Schedule (also included in the AAA Pass):

  • Saturday 20th September: Club NME @ UNIT
  • Sunday 21st September: Pounded @ The Edge
  • Monday 22nd September: Mashup Mondays @ Cloud Nine
  • Wednesday 24th September: Bar 150 @ The Edge
  • Friday 26th September: Frat Party @ Solent SU
  • Saturday 27th September: Club NME @ UNIT
  • Sunday 28th September: Pounded @ The Edge
  • Monday 29th September: Mashup Monday @ Cloud Nine
  • Wednesday 1st October: Bar 150 @ The Edge
  • Thursday 2nd October: Tainted Love @ Lennon’s
  • Saturday 4th October: Club NME @ UNIT
  • Sunday 5th October: Pounded @ The Edge