Hello! Welcome to Sotonight … Presumably you’re here to find out all about Freshers’ Week (or rather, Freshers’ Fortnight) in Southampton. Well, we’ve got everything you need inside but first you’ll need to select which university you’re interested in.

Once you’ve done that we’ll be able to tell you all about the events that your students’ union is putting on for you. We tend to focus on the music side of things as that’s what this website is all about. Take a look at the two columns below, one’s for students at the University of Southampton and one’s for students at Southampton Solent University. There are a few events listed below too, just to whet your appetite.

Tickets for all the official (and also many of the unofficial) Freshers’ Week events can be found listed here on Sotonight. In the majority of cases, we’ll be linking you through to external websites run by Solent SU, SUSU, and their respective event partners (DBP, for one). We aim to provide accurate information but there will always be things that slip through, so double check you’re purchasing the right thing when it comes to it. Give us a tweet if you’ve got any questions.

University of Southampton

Freshers’ Week/Fortnight 2014




Southampton Solent University

Freshers’ Week/Fortnight 2014

(Solent SU)