Following on from their debut album over a year ago the duo returns to Shogun Audio with a straight up Spectrasoul 12″. This release encompasses their sound and name perfectly: “Bugsy” is the darker spectra and “Play The Fool” featuring the vocalist Jamie Jooste brings the soul.

The A side of this release features a beautiful melody and a vocalist who has some real weight behind her voice; it certainly doesn’t get brushed away by the rest of the track. However, I think this isn’t the best example of the duo’s usually brilliant vocal tunes. There isn’t enough time for a breather from the vocals and the lyrics feel superficial, it is dangerously teetering on the edge of a much more pop oriented drum and bass tune. The beat itself is an eloquent roller maybe lacking in a touch of variation throughout the track but engineered to perfection. Accompanying this beat are sporadic punches of a hefty bass that unfortunately isn’t utilised to its full potential.

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The B side on the other hand is the moodier and more mature sibling of “Play The Fool”. “Bugsy” has the variation in percussion that the A side was lacking and the bass line is reminiscent of tunes such as “Mimic” but with the extra years of experience that Spectrasoul have accumulated clear to hear. The bass has that perfect balance between being raw and yet having a very delicate melodic quality to it. The intermittent vocal sample has just the right amount of distortion, providing movement into the track whilst maintaining a delicate human quality. Overall it’s a solid release and I look forward to hearing more on Shogun’s forthcoming “Way Of The Warrior 2” LP.

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Released on the 20th of October via Shogun Audio (vinyl + digital).  Catch them playing at The Cellar on the 1st of November.



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