Review: Boomtown Fair 2014


“Explore our world” is Boomtown’s tag line, and given the chance to explore it you’ll realise it’s incredible! When walking round the festival it’s evident how much effort and passion goes into making the festival, each area is a piece of art in itself!
Put simply, Boomtown is weird and wonderful. It’s great to wake up and remember that 20ft boom box we were skanking out at last night before raving to gabba in the woods. People just get blown away with what they are seeing.

Music at boomtown was well…BOOMIN! Arcadia stage was on point with artists such as Otiv and Btk, TC, Rockwell and Aphrodite, all playing complete bangers inside the infamous mechanical arachnid beast!

Heres a few tunes that really stuck with you following Boomtown 2014.

The Wailers were one of the best acts of the weekend and anyone at boomtown would probably agree, there’s just nothing better than hearing classic Bob Marley tunes on a hot summers day.

UK Hip Hop at boomtown was kicking off! The Mouse Outfit with Dr Syntax and Sparkz and the hidden woods created an amazing atmosphere middle of the day with their live band, pure vibes! Dirty Dyke and Jam Baxter from High Focus Records are epic at a festival to say the least, a massive crowd had gathered for these two and there was High Focus T shirts everywhere! Dykes tune Return of the Twat got the crowd going insane!

In Summary, Boomtown is an awesome concept for a Festival that places you within its idea of a jaded utopian city, rather than just another green field in the countryside. Within lies a plethora of surprises, curiosities and auditory and sensory stimulation that will leave you in wonder for the entire weekend.


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