Tuesday 18th February saw the launch of the most alliterated club night in Southampton; TRiPP’s Trippin’ Tuesdays, an attempt to bring students back through the doors of Southampton’s most famous club. Enticed with the opportunity to slew the Solent in a soundclash and the offer of free Vodka and Cranberry we just couldn’t say no.

The Procedure: 4 Rounds, 15 minutes per round.

Solent didn’t bring much to the table in terms of tunes for a war with an empty room two accompanied by some pretty airy commercial house tunes. After an unimpressive first round, Subterranean Sessions head honcho Adam Stephens stepped up to the decks to gather the crowd to the sounds of some heavy hitting tech house with lyrical genius Totem showcasing his ability to bless the mic over any genre. Needless to say:

Southampton: 1      Solent: 0

Round 2 saw more of the same commercial house rubbish from Solent that would be more fitting at a funeral than to bring to the war. Up steps the first of the Ragga Dub Wub Collective, DJ and producer Halcyonic, bringing a plethora of dub and garage that really saw the crowd lose their socks. Of course Halcyonic dropped his refix of everyone’s favourite grime instrumental. Give a listen below, Totem featuring on the mic.

As I asked for the crowd reaction for whether Solent took that round, a packed out room two fell dead quite, followed by an eruption at the mention of Halcyonic’s master of a 15 minute set. Easy Babba!

Southampton: 2      Solent: 0

The start of round 3 saw the dancefloor empty as even those non smokers decided they’d rather go for a cigarette than listen to a mixture of “house” remixes of Rihanna and Jason Derulo top 40 jams. 15 minutes later the crowd returned to shake a leg or two to some funky house from the Butler, but the reload specialist Dan Jeffs couldn’t help but wheel up a few guttural grime classics towards the tail end of his set.

Southampton: 3      Solent: 0

It was about time that the Solent actually switched it up, with their best DJ of the night starting off with some club classics that ensured the dance floor stayed grooving, bringing in some tech house and finishing off his set with the crowd skanking out to some DnB. However Solent’s fourth round seemed somewhat futile with Ragga Dub Wub’s president Gaswell on the 1’s loading up the darkest 140 tunes. With Totem returning to the mic to show that Southampton really meant business in the war, Gaswell brought the roof down in a packed out room two to ensure that Southampton took the soundclash title home.

Southampton: 4      Solent: 0

Ragga Dub Wub and Southampton’s DJ Soc will be hosting room two on Tuesday’s at Tripp, whether you’re an MC or DJ become a part of the collective over on the Ragga Dub Wub facebook page.

Next week DJ Soc take on Semsu.


About Author

Iggy is a student at the University of Southampton and co-founded SOTONIGHT with Adam out of an interest in contributing to the city's scene. Iggy is also involved with SEMSU.