Review: muddywellies 3rd Birthday: The Terrace – 09.08.14


Leading up to this event it was very obvious it was going to be a special day but looking back it ended up being the best birthday party I have ever experienced. Ok there weren’t cakes and candles but within the line-up there were 4 of the best presents the muddywellies family could have asked for in Isherwood, Harry McCanna, Peter Glasspool and bapti who are the best house and techno DJs in the whole of London in my personal opinion. That may be a big statement but if you rate a DJ on their ability, knowledge, uniquity, technique and track selection then these really are the guys to hear. In the past couple of years RPR soundsystem have been crowned by many as the top in the game along with Villalobos, Zip and very few others but travelling back and forth to London for the past few years in search of sonic artisans has lead me to realise that amongst the big names and parties it’s the more humble underrated DJs like these that is really where the talent lay.

This was a guest-list only party that could fit 170 people upstairs on The Terrace, but by midweek before the event there were already 260 names on the guest-list forcing it to be closed earlier than ever before. On arrival at the terrace only 20 minutes into the party it was heaving, you would have thought it was peak time by the amount of people on the dance-floor, bapti and Peter Glasspool were playing warm vinyl back to back while some loosened up and others greeted their friends. The sound system was clear as the skies above though weighty in all the right places courtesy of sound man Greg White. The music constantly grooving for the first few hours every piece of music perfectly complementing the piece before. Peter and bapti warmed the crowd choosing to interweave harmonious rhythms rather than build and drop energy in the typical fashion.

Next up were Isherwood and Harry McCanna, though unknown to most in Southampton these 2 have been making waves in London’s underground for the past couple of years and are both beginning to be recognised and adored by some of the industry’s most credible ears. Every release of Isherwood’s is sold out in all online stores and every release is also each labels best-selling piece of music. With regards to his ability wielding wax he has recently played in Italy and Germany both on more than one occasion and can be regularly found mixing at London parties predominantly blowing people’s minds with his beautifully zany unique contrasts and groove based rhythms. Harry on the other hand is not to be any less praised or focussed upon, the Undersound resident has developed a completely unique sound through his production crossing 2-step and garage influenced drum rhythms with eclectic house and similar to Isherwood he is just as comfortable behind a pair of decks and exemplify’s intricate layering of rhythms and grooves in the most majestic of manners. So as you can imagine these 2 playing back to back for 3 hours after bapti and Peter had already dropped jaws was the icing on the muddywellies birthday cake.

muddywellies founder Fraser Appleton-Thomas played back to back after these guys with one of muddywellies brand new residents playing the muddywellies sound that the party is known for. Until the very last second where the music was finally shut off the dance floor was vibe-ing and grooving along to the music showing harmonious unity on all levels. Hats off to the muddywellies lads it was one hell of a party and I hear the next one is in one of the most historical buildings in Southampton, so if you missed out this time theres always the next party and you can keep up to date with all muddywellies news on Facebook.

10 Constantly Grooving

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