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Delicately named and exuding an online presence that screams “confused teenage Tumblr hipster”, Cashmere Cat delivered 90 excellent minutes of playful, melodic & outright enjoyable hip-hop to a heaving Unit dancefloor. Indeed, uniquely playful and melodic hip-hop, which stands out as one of the reasons for this young DJ-turned-producer having amassed such a strong online following, was the flavour of a truly well-pieced and set.

With the main act of nights like these being one of those pseudo-anonymous Internet presences, the Southampton faithful showed no shame in asking for countless photos with the elusive producer. But whereas other recent SoundCloud sensations have garnered their thousands of followers from gimmicks or facial masks, Cashmere Cat’s catalogue stood out for its sheer quality and novelty in production, and Unit was treated to an hour-and-a-half of almost exclusively Cashmere Cat edits, which have all remarkably been created in just the last 12 months.

Inevitably, for those who’d become aware of Cashmere Cat through auditory means only, there were quite a few surprised faces in the Southampton crowd when the young Norweigan, born Magnus August Høiberg, actually turned out to be a male. But glossing over any disturbing thoughts that this writer’s held over this surprisingly attractive young man, several 90’s R&B staples for the modern-day bedroom producer predictably made their way into his set; that’s not to say that juxtaposing Aaliyah, Mariah Carey and Brandy tracks in between his own Cashmere Cat productions didn’t go down well. In fact, the sequence of Brandy’s Slower, followed by his own take on BenZel’s Fallin’ Love, wrapped up by J.Holliday’s Bed is simply one example of just how excellently Cashmere Cat pieced together R&B classics with his own futuristic hip-hop style.

Photo credit: Justin Winkler

Attention should duly be given to the support from BITR8 and South Royston, who both preceded the Norweigan headliner with hugely energetic & diverse sets, delivering some guaranteed crowd pleasers ranging from Rustie’s new Triadzz (can’t go wrong) to Daft Punk’s Get Lucky (a DJ really can’t go wrong with this). With the fast-rising Cholombian representing his delightful level of energy with the likes of Darq E Freaker’s Blueberry, he ensured every hand on the dancefloor was fixated in a gunfinger position of some variety. And having the night rounded off by Jaycek, another up-and-comer gaining major support from no less than Diplo’s Mad Decent label, saw very few people leaving before closing time.

Photo credit: Justin Winkler

Shout out to promoters MILK too, who seem to be putting in a remarkable shift to secure some great bookings for the town; with Lil B’s go-to remixer Ryan Hemsworth gracing the Unit stage merely weeks ago, the south coast is certainly getting its fair share of talented hip-hop orientated artists.

And a final word on an excellent night for Southampton should mention SEMSU DJs George & Clark, who certainly set a high standard for the night from the offset — and you can hear just how promising these guys will be, providing a great warm-up set for the aforementioned Ryan Hemsworth.

All in all, last Caturday (get it? Sorry…) was pretty damn great for the electronic music scene in Southampton, and you should expect nights like these to become a regular feature in this southern city of ours.


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