Sotonight Podcast 003: Pim Sessions (+ interview)


Welcome to the third episode in Sotonight’s podcast series! It’s been over a year since the last instalment but we’re now relaunching, kicking off with Pim Sessions.

Introduction by Joe Carver: Recent years in Southampton have seen a growing divide between the tastes of many clubbers and the nights on offer to them, a trend exemplified by the closing of independent venues like The Cellar and Unit. A new group of local students are taking serious steps to change this however, and following their hugely successful first night at Junk last month, Pim Sessions are perfectly poised to cement themselves as the city’s go to night for all things garage, grime, dubstep and techno.

Fronted by DJ collective Pleasure Crew, they champion a sound that is not restricted by genre but rather loosely defined by common characteristics – none more important than a generous portion of low end frequencies. Although the boys are keen to emphasise that they operate independently of anyone, nightclub or otherwise, it would seem that Junk is the ideal partner venue for Pim Sessions, as the award-winning club boasts a sound-system that is undeniably the best on the South Coast and amongst the most impressive in the country.

Pim Sessions second night takes place on the 30th April and is to be headlined by international TV and radio stars Kurupt FM, who will be bringing their whole crew to 55 London Road. Joining them on the night will be local grime DJ Zha and Pim’s own Pleasure Crew.

So, without further ado: Sit back, press play, and read on:

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Interview by Josh Mulvihill:

Who makes up the DJ collective Pleasure Crew?

It started off originally as me (Ben) and my friend Dan when we entered a mix competition to play at a night in Bristol called Authentiq, which we won. Greg was also always a member but he wasn’t in Southampton last year so wasn’t around for most of our shows. Then Joel came back from New Zealand in January, making Pleasure Crew a collective of us four. We did have an MC as well, called “Totem Flex”, but unfortunately he’s travelling at the moment.

So what was the idea behind setting up a record label for you guys?

Well, it happened when I (Ben) got into vinyl DJing really. I’ve always wanted to start up a record label, but we are not actually a record label as of yet. At the moment we are running events in Southampton, but as we get more funds behind us and build a name then we’ll progress into releasing music as well. I want to push a record from Joel and Greg. They have music, but it’s still a work in progress. We want to get them cut to vinyl in particular. Vinyl is definitely making a come back as DJing gets more popular. The sales are higher than they’ve ever been which is pretty cool. If we’re playing 140 then we always keep it strictly vinyl but if we’re playing anything else we use CDs since we only really collect 140.

Where did the name Pim Sessions come from?

The best description of “pim” is the polar opposite of “peak”. It first started well over a year ago when a few of us decided to make up our own slang word, credit for the word actually goes to Jack Woodman who’s out in Australia at the moment, big up! It is something that means the best of everything; an alternative to “piff”, maybe. It’s kind of like “safe” or “bless”, you just say “pim” instead. It also stands for the Portswood Intergalactic Mafia – “P.I.M”. We’ve been saying it for a long time and trying to make it a real word. It hadn’t really caught on until we made the night but I hope it will after. I’ve been trying to introduce it to my friends at home but they’re weren’t having it. Everyone was like..what? We also tried to add it to Wikipedia but it got taken down, it lasted less than a day.

What kinds of challenges did you face trying to launch a new clubnight in Southampton?

It was quite a lot of work right at the beginning. We had quite a lot of difficulties finding a club at first, that was one of the hardest things – just starting it up. But once we secured Junk and we started to secure artists, its become a lot easier. It was also fairly hard to convince the agents that it would be a good night, since we were obviously new to the game, with a lot of them rejecting us straight away. Eventually though we found the perfect line with Paleman and Kahn & Neek. We also got in Joe Raygun, who is a resident MC for Southampton events, and “Hella Sick” from Bristol. Joe Raygun used to run tonnes of nights at The Cellar. He is pretty established and made it through Southampton. In terms of venues we originally wanted to do it at The Cellar, that was our dream because it was our favourite venue in Southampton, but it closed in January so we had to re-think from there, and Junk was the other obvious choice.

Can you expand on why you originally wanted The Cellar?

It’s been somewhere where we’ve always had great nights and was always the best venue because it was purely about the music. Their promotion was quite bad, which was a shame because there would be good nights on which weren’t promoted enough. Many of their nights were run by Joe Raygun but it was around when he left that nights at The Cellar started to die out. I remember when we went there in first and second year and it was packed, they had a night for every genre: They had “No Logo” which was like a house/techno night, “Contraband Dub” which was dubstep, “Release”: a Drum and Bass night, ‘Headsessions” a Dub night, so a bit of everything really. We have seen the music scene in Southampton change a lot over these last few years, with lots of clubs and nights closing. It’s just house music now, that’s the only thing that has survived. What we are trying to do is slightly move away from house and start to introduce new stuff to people. Especially at the beginning of this year, there were only house nights available, so we are trying to give them something else. The reception that we have had as well tells us that people clearly want something else.

What’s next?

Well we have another night on April 30th at Junk. We have just released our headline act and arevery pleased to announce that it will be Kurupt FM – the garage collective of BBC 3’s “People Just do Nothing”. We’re really excited for this. We’ve also confirmed a night on the 28th May after exams and have some more big names confirmed for that. We are all in our final year at Southampton University, but next year I’m (Adam) going to stay in Southampton to hopefully continue the nights. We are also planning to do a night in early summer in London, potentially Dance Tunnel or somewhere in Elephant and Castle, but it’s all still preliminaries and we will seehow things go here first. Apart from that we have also brought out T-shirts, and plan on bringing out a whole line with “Stay Pim” across it.


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