April Fools: TRiPP To Undergo Rebrand, Danny Dyer To Headline Launch


In a recent turn of events TRiPP have announced that it will be rebranded as K-HOLE. This comes only four months after the initial rebrand that marked the end of Junk. Some speculate the move to be taking advantage of a UK corporate tax loophole while others attribute the change to a dynamic strategy to keep in line with the fast paced world of modern trends.

TRiPP was a subtle nod in the direction of the “urban” resurgence. This time the club is making a bold move by setting it’s very own trend … K-HOLE wants to define the Vice-reading, wavey-wearing, geezer-talking, Tinder-stalking human. Things will be kicked off with a new night named “Only Fools and Horses: Revival of the Geezer”. To aid with the launch of this new clubnight, the K-HOLE team have enlisted the help of a cult legend … a man who defined an era with his rugged roles and unforgettable quotesDJ Danny Dyer. Many now know Danny as Mick from the east end, few know of his DJ alias. The Hollywood hard man has been touring Britain in between shoots to lay down his heavy flow at some of the country’s cutting edge clubs.

Update: Unfortunately Danny Dyer has TRiPPed on a glacier cherry and fallen down a K-hole. This has left the club no choice but to cancel the rebrand. Happy April Fools’ Day, Southampton.


A spokesperson for the club said the following:

We have spent the last four months pouring our passion into the scene of the South Coast, bringing forth an entirely revitalised outlook to our city’s clubbing capabilities. After much deliberation, anguish and tears we have decided to accept that our current brand just isn’t urban enough and TRiPP, as you know it, must bid you farewell.

TRiPP will be gracefully brought to its conclusion on the 3rd May 2014, where we will be hosting an after-party for Junk Department’s Big Top. Once that’s wrapped up, we’ll be closing for a few days to put some posters up and then getting right back into the swing of things with the legend that is Danny Dyer.

We can’t wait to show everyone what else we have planned for the coming months and years, none of which will be possible without with the continued incredible support and encouragement we’ve always received from the huge army of South Coast clubbers.

Welcome to the K-HOLE.

Here’s a quick video provided by the venue that gives some idea of what to expect from the launch party:


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