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Nightclub and music venue RoXX was evacuated this evening (9th Ocotber) following reports that the ground floor ceiling had collapsed. The venue which is above Aura, just off Bedford Place, was hosting a gig by The Story So Far when the incident occurred.

Alex Brown, a Southampton student who was at the gig told The Edge that the sound stopped halfway through the second song of the set, and security guards triggered the fire alarm and asked the audience to leave.

The promoters were quick to reschedule the gig and the band instead performed at Unit.

via Howell Davies for The Edge

SOTONIGHT has been informed that the club was evacuated as a precautionary measure. There are currently no reports of injuries. We’ve contacted RoXX and are awaiting further statements.

Just this weekend RoXX hosted David Rodigan and Andy C. Previous acts include Disclosure, Mr Scruff, and Jackmaster.

Here’s what RoXX have to say:

We can confirm that RoXX was evacuated yesterday evening, when there was warranted concern that part of the floor had subsided on the main dance floor. This was done instantly as we were concerned for public safety. We apologise wholeheartedly to the ticket holders of the Storey So Far gig.

Extensive structural reports were undertaken in November 2012, to verify the strength of the floor after we took over the venue, and specified works were carried out to reinforce the dance floor to the necessary requirements. It is clear that there is a further problem to be addressed and solved.

The safety of our patrons and clientele is paramount to us. Regretfully we be closed through the coming week while we investigate the problem. Structural reports and steel specialists have been commissioned this morning to rectify the problem. In addition, we have contacted Southampton building control and will liaise with them further.

It is safe to say we will not reopen until we are 100% confident that the space is completely safe to our customer’s ongoing safety and wellbeing.

Official statement from RoXX at 11:30am 09.10.13

And WrongWayRound Promotions:

We’re honouring Southampton TSSF tickets at the Kingston show tonight. There are two conditions – at the end.

We, like you, heard about the trouble at the Southampton show on the TSSF tour last night. WWR managed to turn a shitty situation into a slightly less shitty situation by hurredly moving venues, but we know that a lot of people missed out still.

Hopefully this will help some of you. Kingston is a 90 min journey up the M3 or there’s trains from Surbiton to Southampton that leave considerably after the show ends. Our show has a curfew of 9:30pm (TSSF on at 8:30) so getting home shouldnt be a problem (even if getting there is).

It’s a 14+ show, at McClusky’s KT1 1QN. Show your ticket / proof of purchase on the door and your ticket will be valid. We have a list of names from Ricky WWR so this should work out. WWR amongst the good guys in punk-rock. Your patience and understanding doesn’t go unnoticed.


1) If you use your Southampton ticket at the Kingston show, then if and when refund arrangements are announced, you will not be eligible for a refund.

2) Please understand the spirit in which this is meant. If you legitimately had a ticket to both shows, then by all means give your ticket to a mate., but trying to find people with a Southampton ticket and selling off a Kingston ticket is not the vibe! Our tickets are, of course, non-returnable.

— Official statement from WrongWayRound Promotions at 11:40am 09.10.13)

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