Image via Soton Tab.

About a year ago The Square became Provenance. Now, Provenance is becoming Myth. The rebranding has possibly come about as a result of a licensing troubles and the threat of closure after multiple violent incidents over the last year. Presumably they’re trying to shed their past.

Soton Tab reports that the nightclub has applied to the council for some minor licensing changes and that some refurbishment will be taking place. You can view the license application on the Southampton City Council’s website. Basically the venue will have a license to be open seven days a week from 10:00 till 04:00 the next morning and can host films, live music, DJs, sporting events/shows, and a bunch of other stuff that isn’t very relevant.

A sign displayed outside states that the nightclub is under new management.

Earlier in 2012 Dirty Box Promotions (DBP) hosted a number of acts including Disclosure, Duke Dumont, and Bingo Players. We’re not sure if DBP will be working with Myth.

Myth opens in September (just in time for Freshers’ Week), and is still the biggest club in Southampton city centre.

Update: Myth opens on the 21st September. More info and free tickets available via the book of faces.


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