Junk tease their return with cryptic announcement and 4-day countdown


Junk Department just posted the following message (in the form of an image) on their Facebook page: “Others may imitate … none can emulate”. Also included on the image is the original Junk logo, a website address (www.junkclub.com) and Junk’s Best Small Club emblem from DJ Mag’s Best of British awards series.

There’s not much to tell yet, a visit to the new Junk website only reveals a four-day countdown coupled with a mailing list subscription and links to their social network profiles.

Back in December last year Junk won DJ Mag’s Best of British award for Best Small Club in 2013. Immediately following that announcement was a second: The venue would be undergoing a rebrand to become TRiPP. It was a surprise turn of events as the club published a statement explaining that the 18th January 2014 would mark “the last ever party in Junk as you know it”. Since then, the club at 55 London Road has been operating as TRiPP. But now it seems, or so we are lead to believe, Junk is set to return.

The exact details of Junk’s return remain a mystery. One might presume that TRiPP is set to be transformed back into Junk, but it could also be the case that Junk is set to return as something completely different, with TRiPP maintaining its presence on London Road. More details as they come …



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