Well, that was short lived. Just a few weeks ago I wrote an article on SUSU’s newly branded club night series “Pulse”, a series that has has now been scrapped. The decision was announced last night a Union Council session.

Pulse began this year during Freshers’ and was intended to be the regular Friday night at SUSU throughout the academic year. SUSU’s club nights have struggled for the past few years, it appears Pulse has now fallen victim …

Fresher’s week saw great attendance, so much positive response to our product that we created together and encouraging door figures, but past that numbers have dwindled, despite the concerted promotional efforts of students and staff. It seems that there is not sustained demand for a regular club event from SUSU, which may be a reflection of the picture being seen nationally by many Student Unions, or might just be a reputation that would take us far too much effort to climb over.

In response to this, I have taken the decision to stop Pulse in its original format. We will still use Pulse / the nightclub for Freshers’ events next year, and for some special events this year.

I know it’s a big decision, but I feel that there are so many other things that we can provide for students with this space, our time, effort and money… and we should focus on finding that – it is a shame that Pulse didn’t fly beyond Freshers’, but it would have been an even bigger shame for that to continue on into the term – costing time and draining our motivation to help students.

— David Gilani, SUSU President

I have tried offering my opinion and advice in the past regarding club nights at SUSU, and I feel that perhaps I should include some comments on the matter here, but to be honest I’m not sure it’s worth the bother.

Maybe it’s the turn of an external promoter? Maybe SUSU could have done more? Maybe they should have stuck with it? Maybe it was wise to drop Pulse? Who can say?



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