Hey, so I’m really sorry but I’ve written a few news articles recently about club rebrands and the temptation to create hyperbolic pun-filled headlines has reached breaking point … I just couldn’t resist this time. I offer my sincerest, heartfelt apologies for my behavior.

Anyway, SUSU are kicking off Freshers’ Week Fortnight and the new academic year in general with a new Friday night project that has been dubbed Pulse. Here’s what David Gilani, the Union President, has to say about the matter:

We have to be honest with ourselves… Friday Nights last year were… quiet. They were empty. Some people said that the events were awful… some said that their friends didn’t go… some just said ‘no’. When I ran as Union President, my manifesto promised that I would bring some student leadership to our events. I believe that we do have the potential to run the best Friday night in Southampton:

  • At SUSU we can have students setting the direction of the night, giving exactly what students want.
  • At SUSU all the profits can go back into other student activities, therefore going back to students.
  • At SUSU students can get marketing and event experience, by helping to set the direction.
  • And at SUSU students can get paid by working at and promoting events.

So let’s DO all these things! Over the summer, a group of students have gathered with our events and marketing team to create a night out that our students deserve.

What I think is great here is that students are involved. In order to run a club night you need to know what people want. Who better to ask than the very people that you’re targeting? Good call. I’m sure students have been involved in the past, but the fact that it’s being mentioned here makes me think that they’re now more involved. Like I said: Good call.

Pulse launches tonight, so if you’re interested in seeing what the team has been up to then definitely go along. I mean, it is free! That’s also a good idea, you can’t expect people to pay upfront for something they know nothing about, especially given last year’s lack of success. I guess running a club night for free is costing SUSU a lot of money, but that’s just how it has to be. You’ve got to start somewhere and, inevitably, that’s going to be with a loss even if the event is successful. I think that building a brand has to be of higher priority than making a profit for the launch period. What’s that expression? Build it and they will come … That’s actually a misquotation but whatever, you get my point.

Here’s something else from David’s blog post.

The night will have a new entrance, which allows us to keep Pulse only on level 2 of SUSU. We’re also bringing down our capacity so that students never experience over-crowding at Pulse. In the Cube itself, the lighting rig will be lowered, a new larger bar is being installed, and different levels of staging will help break up the space and make it feel like a proper club. Outside, the seating area will be filled with more chilled music and heaters to allow students to break from dancing.

That sounds good. The Cube is large so the space can be a bit daunting, especially if the night is under capacity. Hopefully this will improve the vibe even if the attendance is low, here’s hoping it isn’t!

Did I mention that the drinks are ridiculously cheap? No? Well, they are. Some prices are listed on the blog post, the rest will be available at the bar.

I’ve been around for a few rebrands of Friday nights at SUSU. I’ve seen The Cube full to capacity week in, week out and I’ve also seen it 100% empty week after week. I wish SUSU and everyone involved with this new project all the best. While I don’t really have any reason to care about nightlife at SUSU any longer, it appears that I do care. It would be wonderful to see The Cube being used to its full potential once again. It’s a damn good venue it it’d be a shame to let it go to waste.

Also if anyone at SUSU is reading this then please, please get in contact with SEMSU, DJ Soc, and all the other music/dance societies. They’d love to get involved, you’ve definitely missed a trick not getting them on board more in the past. Getting even more groups of people involved has a domino effect and all of a sudden you’ll find hundreds of extra people turning up to events.

Pulse will be running every Friday with a couple of exceptions here and there. The next scheduled night is the 27th September. Check out the promo mix to get a feel for the music policy.

Photo credit: James Mcdonald


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Adam is a physics graduate from the University of Southampton with an interest in electronic music. He co-founded Sotonight and was involved with SEMSU and other music-related projects while at university.