Keep On Going with muddywellies this weekend


This weekend Southampton’s underground counter culture muddywellies invites London’s whacky after party aficionado’s Keep on Going in a collaborative effort to bring YOU the music that you sure as hell haven’t heard yet; its safe to say you can expect sonic delights and only the freshest of flavours from each carefully chosen DJ on the line-up.

Dragos Ungureanu and Gabriel Amaru are two of Keep On Going’s best kept secrets; chinese whispers you’ll want to hear first hand. Your typical house and techno isn’t what these guys specialize in; broken beats and polyrhythmic grooves are the spectrum in which these guys like to play around and to say their good at it would be a monumental understatement.

eradt is much more than just another elusive artist alias; its a merging of two of Southampton’s next wave of DJ’s Elliot Jordan and Bradley Peake who have an archive of eclectic wax. An array of the undiscovered will be unleashed by this pair who take an unrivalled pride in collecting only the worthy and exceptional; know what your ear desires and miss these two’s set under no circumstances…

Catch you by the sub


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