Find Bestival’s Mirrorball Today in Southampton, Win Tickets to the Festival


Last week Bestival announced that “15 specially commissioned and priceless Desert Island Disco Mirrorballs” had been stolen from their HQ and hidden in various cities across the country. So far the mirrorballs have been retrieved from Birmingham, London, Reading, Guildford, Manchester and Bournemouth. At some point today a clue regarding the whereabouts of the mirrorball hidden in Southampton will be released.

Update: The mirrorball has now been found, check the tweets.

Whoever finds the mirrorball will be able to claim a pair of free tickets to the festival.

Previous clues have come in the form of riddles, tweeted via the official Bestival account. Check out the timeline below, many of the clues were released mid afternoon.

Here’s the original announcement:

Last night Bestival HQ was broken into by a gang of kidnappers who stole 15 specially commissioned and priceless Desert Island Disco Mirrorballs. The Mirrorball kidnappers, who made-off from the crime unseen, have left a ransom note stating that they will release a series of clues as to the whereabouts of the stolen contraband; with the Isle of Wight, Bristol, Brighton, Birmingham, Southampton, London, Portsmouth, Glasgow, Bournemouth, Guidlford, Chelmsford, Reading and Manchester believed to be the locations that the priceless items have been hidden.

Rob da Bank and the Bestival team are heartbroken at the loss and have offered the substantial reward of a pair of Bestival tickets to any members of the public who find and return a Desert Island Disco Mirrorball.

For more information and to see the clues please keep checking this page and our Facebook / Twitter pages to help us recover the Desert Island Disco Mirrorballs – all clues will receive from The Mirrorball Kidnappers will be posted here!

— Bestival


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