Common People Festival will return to Southampton in 2016

After an excellent first outing, the organizers of Common People (i.e. the Bestival crew) have announced that the festival will return to Southampton Common in 2016.

Read more on the Daily Echo‘s website:

It was a great success from all sides. The sun was shining, the common looked great and Southampton didn’t grind to a halt or end up in disarray! We achieved what we set out to do.

There were so many things that could and do go wrong at festivals – the weather for a start, but it was lovely and we sold tickets well in advance; 35,000 people came and the headliners were great as well as the local band stage too. We have lots of experience but you never know; anything can go wrong at any point.

The council want us back and all those in the Common Appreciation Society as we left it spotless for them. The local economy felt the benefits too as about £1 million in extra income came into the city over the weekend. We know that 29 per cent of the visitors were from outside the area and many would have stayed in local hotels.

It will be back the same weekend with the same idea. We are not planning to expand wildly. It will be the same kind of experience with exactly the same format. The bank holiday worked very well and the transport worked well with the park and ride, so it will be more of the same.

Grace Jones said she had “a wild time”. She was amazing. That was her first big show of the year – it didn’t come off the back of a tour. She was nervous about the show and was pleased with the reception she got. The acts all loved it

— Rob da Bank, via the Daily Echo


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