Brooklyn Zoo debuts in Southampton this May

Brooklyn Zoo is a dedicated hip hop night formed in the South West’s music capital Bristol and now taking the hip hop club scene by storm in Brighton, Cardiff, Lincoln, Oxford and now set to hit Southampton (Junk). In a market saturated by dull club nights ran by walking steroids, the Zoo was started to bring back fun and charisma to a night out – whilst focusing and playing the most durable and well-respected genre in music.

Classics and current cuts of hip hop mixed by:

  • Patrick Nazemi (Ibiza Rocks / Ramshackle / Brooklyn Zoo)
  • K1R3Y (Ibiza Rocks)
  • Oli P (Cat Face)

Their ethos is to create a trill party atmosphere with good music, good people and zero dickheads. Tickets are from only £3, drinks are from just £1.50 and we all have zero work the next day. This literally can’t be bad.



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