EVENT: ZINC – 24.01.14



The regular student night Juiced will be at its usual spot tonight. Given that both the university exam periods are pretty much over, you can fully expect the regular 1200+ people to be passing through Voodoo Lounge on the night. As if the night needed more of a pull, they’ve also got DJ Zinc in Room 2 where new brand FTR will be hosting. Juiced resident DJ Gavin Ford will be in Room 1 and Room 2 will see BITR8 and Dujy Fresh supporting Zinc.

Few DJs can boast a legacy to match that of Zinc. He’s been a pillar of the UK underground movement for almost 20 years, constantly pushing things forward and championing emerging sounds.

Whether you’re a fan of his 1995 hit “Super Sharp Shooter”, 2000’s brutal garage anthem “138 Trek”, the 2010 crossover smash “Wile Out” or his monumental Rinse FM radio show, his contributions to the scene cannot be doubted.

With his bass-centric brand of house music now being so in vogue it’s unsurprising to find him being an in demand remixer for the likes of TEED, Shadow Child, and Chris Malinchak. You can expect to hear the very best in bass-heavy house music, both cutting edge and classic, as ZINC takes you through a two hour journey through his record box.




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Adam is a physics graduate from the University of Southampton with an interest in electronic music. He co-founded Sotonight and was involved with SEMSU and other music-related projects while at university.