Leeds based house music legend Tristan Da Cunha is set to play at TRiPP this Saturday (8th February 2014). He’ll be supported by DANCETRiPP residents Rhymos, Luca Pilato, and Jody Hannan. 


With over 15 years experience in the game, Tristan Da Cunha has established himself firmly on the underground scene and earned his stripes along the way. Hailing from the music capital of the North, Leeds; with its rich musical heritage, it is no surprise he found himself on the path he still follows. Starting a residency (still held to this day) at 21 years old at the legendary house institute Back To Basics, has given Tristan the platform to perform alongside the latest and the greatest D.J’s for well over a decade. Crafting his skills warming up and closing the nights, he learned the fundamental traits that make a DJ great! Consistently presenting skillful selections with an infectious energy, Tristan has always aimed for the jugular of any dance floor when he plays.

After shining for many years as a Basics resident, his reputation and style on the decks has taken him far and wide, performing regular peak time sets at rave meccas such as Fabric, Panorama Bar & Below and has recently seen him become a firm fixture within the highly respected My Love Is Underground crew and parties. This summer also saw him make his debut DC10 appearance, another box ticked on his long list. Tristan’s sound & vibe has defined him as a reliable sonic force, a musical chameleon that can choose the right records, for the right moments, no matter what the scenario. “Music from the heart, not the chart”, as he likes to put it. Never confined by genre but firmly focused on quality whatever the tempo, keeping the balance equal with old gems and new bombs. Consistently packing the heat and burning up dance floors, it’s easy to see why his talents have cemented his reputation as a real D.J’s D.J that will never let the party down.

With a burning passion and deep rooted knowledge of music and it’s culture, nourished by an ever growing vinyl addiction, Tristan channeled this energy into his latest successful projects; The Garage and Waxwerks Record Store in his hometown of Leeds. Combining an award winning club with a record store, bar and art gallery to create a unique hybrid unlike anything that has come before it. After only nine months of opening it’s doors, Waxwerks was nominated best music outlet and The Garage was awarded Britain’s Best Small Club by public vote via DJ Magazine and is one of the highest new entries in the Top 100 clubs poll. The instant success and international recognition is a clear reflection of Tristan’s vision, musical prowess and undeniable contribution to the UK’s underground music scene.

After 2 decades absorbing music and immersing himself in a wide spectrum of sounds, 10 years of that spent A&Ring for 2020Vision recordings, it seems only natural that Tristan developed his skills as a producer in the studio. Choosing to take the long road and teach himself the ropes, not relying on engineers or ghostwriters to express his vibe, Tristan spent many days and nights learning the art. His dedication and time spent massively burning the candle at both ends seems to be finally paying off! His remixes which are often the highlight on any E.P he features on, continue to gain support from a wide range of D.J’s & producers across the spectrum, with his version of “One Nation” by Alex Arnout feat Tyree Cooper on One Records being a prime example of this. With a fresh new collaborative label, Dungeon Meat with good friend Brawther, a new label / labour of love Throwing Shapes with partner in time Frenchy, more remixes and a solo E.P for My Love Is Underground all on the horizon, you can expect to hear some deadly dance floor dynamite dropping soon. There’s no doubting that whatever Tristan Da Cunha does next it won’t be for the empty gains of fame or fortune, it will be purely for the love, like everything else he has done.





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