As with the Zane Lowe / Redlight / DJ Zinc / Monki night, this event (curated by DBP) is part of SUSU‘s freshers timetable. Specifically, this is the Freshers’ Ball. So with that in mind I urge you to read my introduction to the article I just mentioned. You must be (or about to be) a student at the University of Southampton in order to purchase tickets and attend this event.

Back to music though: What follows is a brief overview of some of the artists and DJs on the lineup. The artists I’ve covered are ones that are most related to this website’s usual content.

Note: Three further headliners will be announced soon.

The headliner here is definitely Sub Focus (DJ). Sub Focus is an alias of Nick Douwma, a fast-rising drum’n’bass producer/DJ affiliated with the Ram Records collective who became one of the style’s leading practitioners within only two years of his recording debut. Originally from London, England, Douwma is a self-taught producer who began producing music on his PC at age 13 and attained his know-how from software manuals. One of his demos eventually made its way into the hands of Andy C., the co-founder of Ram Records, and the rest is history. You can now find his music in clubs (and music charts) across the world. Sub Focus will be accompanied by MC ID.

Next up, Modestep: Modestep is a live electronic rock band from London that formed in 2010. Their debut album Evolution Theory was released in February this year, including its four singles: “Feel Good“, “Sunlight“, “To the Stars” and “Show Me a Sign“. Their sound is fairly eclectic as they have incorporated electronica elements such as dubstep and drum & bass, as well as things from the hard rock end of the spectrum. Josh Friend (the singer) has also incorporated vocals into their music.

Our third headliner is Joseph Saddler, better known as Grandmaster Flashone of hip-hop’s first and most innovative turntablists. He’s a veteran on all counts and could easily be the headline act as far as I’m concerned.

Also on the lineup are P Money, MS Dynamite, and Luminites (live).



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Adam is a physics graduate from the University of Southampton with an interest in electronic music. He co-founded Sotonight and was involved with SEMSU and other music-related projects while at university.