EVENT: SKREAM – 31.10.13



Bang Bang returned to Junk this Autumn with acts including Zed Bias and Shogun Audio head honcho Friction. Now it’s the turn of Skream … on Halloween!

Having one of the fathers of dubstep playing in Southampton on the 31st of October is nothing short of a privilege. Skream has largely moved away from his dubstep roots and is currently better known for his disco and house sets featuring the likes of Daft Punk and Dusky in his sets. Like many other DJs these days, Skream is no longer confined to just one genre and instead has accepted a new challenge of being able to take the club on a cohesive journey through different textures, moods and rhythms. Skream has surpassed himself and other DJs by being able to effortlessly transition from something as light as disco, to the much darker sounds of dubstep and techno in his sets.

If you are wondering what Skream’s new DJ style is like check out this Boiler Room set with Disclosure, I remember staying up late to watch this and laughing into the early hours as an enormous pillow fight broke out in the Boiler Room to a thumping soundtrack of disco. This video alone should convince you that it’s going to be a good night:

Skream’s production has also become more varied to mirror his DJ sets, with every release vastly different from the last one. Recently he has contributed to the grime war dubs ‘battle’ on SoundCloud and his latest single is a true disco anthem featuring the ever-talented Sam Frank.

His Skreamizm tour late last year had him playing 3-hour sets containing everything from 2005 dubstep to techno and disco allowing him to showcase every aspect of his sonically sharp production.

It being Halloween one would think that there will be some moody and sparse dubstep somewhere in the set but don’t think Skream is going to let you just close your eyes and moodily bop your head about, the infectious and euphoric disco will force you to flail your limbs and pop shapes like an idiot!

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