Outlook Festival takes place each summer in Croatia. It started in 2008 and its previous lineups read as a who’s who of the music industry. This year is no exception, anyone who’s anyone will be playing there (if they haven’t already). Something else that the promoters behind Outlook Festival are famous for are their launch parties. Their brand tours the country, stopping off at each city and throwing a ridiculous party at every one. As a warm up for Outlook Festival 2013, Junk club will be running Southampton’s official launch party. Junk have pulled out all the stops and invited Goldie (founder of the Metalheadz record label), Phaeleh and Mickey Pearce along to join in the fun. These headliners, coupled with a Raygun Youth takeover in Room 2, make for jaw-dropping and diverse lineup representative of the festival itself.

As mentioned, the first of the three launch party headliners is jungle & drum and bass innovator Goldie (with MC GQ). This year Goldie is celebrating 20 years as a recording artist by releasing a 30+ track anthology of his music. Titled The Alchemist it contains a snapshot of his career — packed full of original productions, collaborations, and remixes. If you want a seriously in-depth introduction to Goldie then check out this recent Rinse FM show, where Uncle Drugs interviews him for a solid three hours. Normally at this point you’d find a recent podcast, guestmix, or something similar embedded below … so here’s Goldie’s Essential Mix from 1996:



Second on the lineup is Phaeleh, aka Matt Preston. Phaeleh creates something along the lines of cinematic dance music, fusing melodic dubstep and ambient soundscapes into exquisite tracks that you can easily get lost in. That’s not to say he’s tied down to chilled music though; plenty of his tracks are filled with intense sub bass and are well suited to the club environment. If you look around the web at some of his previous podcasts you’ll see that he doesn’t shy away from playing his own tracks out, many of which (possibly the most well-known ones) feature sumptuous female vocals from the likes of Anneka and Soundmouse. Here’s a fairly recent FABRICLIVE x Med School mix from him, showing that he ventures as much into the realms of garage and drum and bass as he does dubstep:



Third we have SWAMP81 affiliate Mickey Pearce (formerly Shortstuff). This guy is currently making his way through his second successful career having dropped his Shortstuff alias in 2010 (approximately). I’m not sure what the reason for the name-change was, but it certainly wasn’t lack of success: Richard Attley — as Shortstuff — released music via Planet Mu Records, Punch Drunk Records, as well as his own Blunted Robots imprint. After a short transitional period where both aliases were used, Mickey Pearce has now firmly taken the place of Shortstuff (at least it appears that way to me), releasing on Ten Thousand Yen and SWAMP81. If none of these names mean anything to you then don’t worry because let’s face it: It’s all about the music, not the labels. Check out his no-tracklist-allowed FACT mix from December 2012 below:

Warming up for this triple-headliner show will be Southampton-based drum and bass duo Gerra & Stone as well as Bang Bang resident Eddy Rocksteddy (who’s also involved with The Peng Burger Co, more on that in a sec). Hosting will be Visionobi and Joe Raygun.

So, that’s the main room covered. As for downstairs, that’s being taken care of by Raygun Youth. They’re bringing along a collection of regulars to inject a welcome dose of hip-hop into the party. If previous Raygun Youth events at places like The Cellar are anything to go by, then you can expect plenty of top-notch MCs and quite possibly some live rap battles. We’re not just talking hip-hop here though, they’re bringing a bunch of DJs to expand upon the low-frequency sounds from the main room upstairs.


If that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite then you may also like to know that The Peng Burger Company will be throwing a free all day pre-party at The Cellar. Their scrumptious burger menu (yeah, that was probably the least manly adjective ever used to describe burgers) will be available from 2pm right through till 9pm(ish), at which point everyone at the BBQ will be invited over to Junk to continue the party. The Cellar is definitely the place to be for the day, festival vibes for sure … and with a bit of luck the table umbrellas will be shielding you from the baking sun rather than the pouring rain.

Update: The word is that RELEASE will also be joining in the fun at The Cellar. More info as it comes.

Essentially Southampton will be becoming Fort Punta Christo for the day, what with a sold-out boat party from High Tide, an all day summer BBQ at The Cellar, and then a huge range of DJs and live music across Southampton in the evening. We are certainly being spoilt this bank holiday weekend!



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