Not even 24 hours after their warehouse party with Bondax DBP are back again, teaming up with High Tide to bring Julio Bashmore to Southampton. The 1st March 2014 will see the Bristolian producer/DJ gracing the decks in The Warehouse (aka The Mo’club) alongside Kowton, Velour and the High Tide residents. Tickets (running low) are now £15.


Julio Bashmore (real name Mathew Walker) has been releasing meaty, synapse-tickling house-meets-bass tracks since 2009, when his self-titled EP came out on Claude VonStroke’s Dirtybird label. The Bristolian producer has released some of the most celebrated club tracks of the last few years, with his distinctive bass-heavy house sound powering the likes of “Au Seve“, “Husk“, and “Battle For Middle You” from underground dancefloors into the wider public consciousness. His debut album is due this year (2014) on his own label, Broadwalk Records. Six releases deep, Broadwalk Records has quickly cemented a reputation for releasing some of the highest quality electronic music around, including “Au Seve” and “Husk”, Maddslinky’s “Compuphonic“, Velour’s “Speedway” and Bashmore’s recent “Mirror Song EP” collaboration with fellow Bristolian Kowton, with more releases lined up for 2014.

Released on the 23rd February, “Peppermint” is is Bashmore’s first offering this year, and has been chopped from his as-yet-untitled 2014 album. The track might feature regular-collaborator Jessie Ware, but she doesn’t take the lead, Bashmore makes sure that you know you’re listening to a dance track first and foremost, and Ware’s coos are used simply as the icing on the cake.

Even in a scene known for its collaborative nature, Bristol’s Kowton had a busy 2013, working with Peverelist, Hyetal and indeed Julio Bashmore. Since 2012ish, his music has occupied a supremely effective middle ground between grime, early dubstep and the earthy house of STL and Levon Vincent, with recent single TFB going off like a cluster bomb. His solo cut on the collaborative 12-inch with Julio Bashmore, “And What,” didn’t hit quite as hard, but it was a marvelous addition to his catalogue nonetheless, all razor handclaps and subs that buzz violently through overdriven speaker cones. Kowton’s most recent output, released via his own Pale Fire imprint, is “H-Street” backed with “Helsinki Sunrise”. Both tracks harken to Youngstar’s seminal grime instrumental “Pulse X” with their stammering, high-energy drums and acidic bass stabs:

Also on the lineup is Velour, Julio Bashmore’s hook-up with fellow Bristol producer Hyetal. We’ve had word that this Velour set will actually be just Hyetal performing, but you never know, maybe Julio Bashmore will step up too if he fancies playing twice in one night. Don’t count on it though as he’s playing in Portsmouth too (on the same night) and in Bournemouth the night before! It’s a triple-booking thing spread across three promoters in three South Coast cities. Anyway, the duo released “Speedway” on Broadwalk Records right at the start of 2013. Well, actually it was part-released on Christmas day 2012, but February 2013 saw a full release to their first new material since 2010’s “The Velvet Collection”. Have a listen:

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