Itchy Feet will return to Southampton again on Thursday 12th December for their Christmas party. The last event was back in October and it, as usual, went down a storm. Tickets for Itchy Feet events aren’t known to hang about, so no snoozing!


If you’ve never been to an Itchy Feet party before and you don’t know what to expect: The nights are made for everyone who’s heard a little too much top 40 and not enough from 40 years ago. They celebrate all things vintage. Expect to hear a mix of rock n’ roll, ska, reggae, soul, swing and blues. Stirring up the good stuff will be the Itchy Feet DJs who’ll keep your toes tappin’ and your finger’s snappin till the cows come home, or until you get kicked out.

“Started in Leeds in 2007 and now having frequented over 25 towns up and down the country, Itchy Feet is a cut outside the norm, bringing an oxymoronic fresh feel of vintage music to an otherwise dance music orientated club scene. Bringing the best sounds of 50’s rock and roll, funk, northern soul and ska, a much needed break from the chart classics and house floor thumpers, Itchy Feet proved more than a success again this Thursday with Southampton’s nightlife.” — Scarlett O’Malley

So we know this series of parties has a vintage feel to them, and the unwritten rule (well I guess it’s now written, but yeah) is to dress up proper like … so what do you wear to a Christmas edition? Well, here’s what Itchy Feet say about the matter: Rosy faced children, tiny stockings, small turkeys, ugly jumpers, flammable home wear and cigarette advertising. So that’s that.



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Adam is a physics graduate from the University of Southampton with an interest in electronic music. He co-founded Sotonight and was involved with SEMSU and other music-related projects while at university.