EVENT: ITCHY FEET – 24.10.13



Itchy Feet launched its Southampton branch last year, and has since proved to be one of the most successful nights to grace our nightlife scene in a while. Itchy Feet itself is a brand based around what they describe as “vintage dance nights”. Take a look at their radio show and podcasts. Itchy Feet events can be found around the country, and so far locally they have hosted nights at The Cellar and Junk, all of which have sold out in advance and pretty damn speedily too! Expect to hear funk, soul, rock ‘n’ roll, swing, rhythm & blues, reggae, and ska from Itchy Feet residents and guests.

“It’s not fancy dress but dress fancy”



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Dunstan is an Acoustical Engineering graduate from the University of Southampton. Whilst he's not helping get Wind Farms through planning applications, managing a band or snowboarding, he takes care of Press matters for SOTONIGHT.