SOTONIGHT and SEMSU have joined forces with Future Garden to bring you the next installment in Southampton’s premier non-commercialised series of parties. With only a small ticket fee to cover running costs, and in what must be one of the most unusual and interesting venues in Southampton; Future Garden, SEMSU, and SOTONIGHT present Into The Night.

Back in the ’80s the African Caribbean Centre on Trinity Road, branded here as The Church, was a staple of Southampton’s student nightlife scene before the likes of The Cube, Sobar, or even Clowns & Jesters existed. The converted church started loosing popularity as those venues opened, and eventually slipped completely off the radar of the typical Southampton student. Many of the newer clubs and bars have enjoyed plenty of success over the years, probably in part due to their closer proximity to Highfield Campus and the bulk of the student accommodation whereas the African Caribbean Centre, being slightly more out the way, has virtually lain dormant as far as student nightlife is concerned.

More recently, a saturated market for the same old predictable and commercialised nights out has meant that many venues have become stale and uninteresting. As a result there have been  frequent re-branding  attempts and lots of re-shuffling of promotions teams, but apart from the more established venues in the city the only thing that has really thrived from this situation is the house party scene. That’s where Future Garden comes in, but not just with any old house parties. Their events are centered around delivering quality music and each time the crew strive to create an exciting, interesting, and friendly atmosphere.

Future Garden is run by a group of friends who share a love of music (and tarpaulins, drapes, and disco balls). Their brand has become extremely popular in a very short amount of time and this growth has necessitated a proper licensed venue. You can only fit a couple of hundred people in even the biggest student houses, so it made sense to expand for various reasons.

SEMSU and SOTONIGHT are on board this time to extend what is effectively a great big circle of friends even further. Into The Night is guaranteed to be an excellent way to celebrate the end of the year and get summer going with a bang. There’ll be a proper, well-stocked, decent-priced bar and the venue will be transformed in much the same way as Future Garden houses have been before, if you were one of the lucky ones who made it to one already. If there weather holds up then there may even be a BBQ.

Here’s their second podcast to get you in the mood:


* limited paper tickets are available directly from the FG crew.




About Author

Adam is a physics graduate from the University of Southampton with an interest in electronic music. He co-founded Sotonight and was involved with SEMSU and other music-related projects while at university.