Uprise Audio, presented by Raygun Youth, are throwing a party at The Cellar to celebrate the launch of their album Live From The Future. Uprise Audio is a relatively new (award winning) record label that showcases cutting edge dance music predominantly from the dubstep part of the spectrum. The label is run by producer/DJ Seven, who will be DJing on the night, and Verity from Sub Culture Artists. Their soon-to-be-released compilation album will feature artists from their own roster as well as friends and guests.

On the night, the main room will see Icicle of Shogun Audio, Seven (who we just mentioned), and Wayfarer (also from Uprise Audio). Support will come from Chewie, Gerra & Stone (Dispatch/Proximity), and Step A Side (Annihilate Audio). And of course, Joe Raygun himself will be hosting.

Shogun Audio’s spectacle clad resident scientist, Icicle played out the last set at Outlook, alongside his good friend Alix Perez. They managed to take both myself and the thousand strong crowd in The Clearing arena that early morning on a fantastic journey of bassline rhythms, that still leaves me reminiscing. Icicle himself is an incredibly gifted and technical DJ, known for his effortless ability to mix from 140bpm tempos into the 170s of drum and bass within his own sets with much grace and poise that the untrained ear would not notice. By speeding up tracks like “Together in the Dust” and transitioning between “Minimal Dub” to “Minimal Funk,” as I have witnessed on so many occasions, he can turn a journey through a set from the deep, dark realms of dubstep to the jumpy, melodic beats of drum and bass. As well as a great producer of dark and mysterious bass music, he can remix tunes well also. Stand out songs include remixes of Friction and K-Tee’s “Set It Off,” Icona Pop’s “Nights Like This” dnb remix and Jade’s “This Is my World.” A masterful wheeler of the decks, he prides himself with the meticulous selection of tracks in his sets and is well-respected in the bassline industry of being able to mix both dub and dnb so impeccably.

One of the other headliners on the night is a long serving practitioner of the bass, a man that goes by the name of Seven. Half of Uprise Audio’s founding partners, he has established both himself and the Uprise label as one at the pinnacle and forefront of modern day dubstep music. His tracks appear numerously on Youngsta’s and Toast’s Rinse FM show, and are usually quite raunchy, mysterious and hard hitting in their nature, reminiscent of many of the aforementioned Youngsta himself. Tracks like “Masai Mara” and “Cerebral” are minimally fantastic, whilst one of Seven’s stand out tracks, “Walter White” makes for fantastic listening if you’ve got the wattage to tame the sub-bass. Truth himself, of DEEP MEDi, played this in numerous of his sets and has also put out a nicely done remix of the track too. I am yet to see this man behind the decks, so even I am unknowingly expecting as much as the next person but with the upcoming LP on its way, he will have a lot of responsibility upon his shoulders come that Friday night, so he will have no choice but to perform, a feat he will no doubt be able to achieve.

The roster also includes Wayfarer, an artist who has seen much rise through plays on J:Kenzo and N-Type Rinse FM shows. Another dub genius, he is another member of the much esteemed Uprise family, and to this day is responsible for the one thing I have never ever done in a rave before. His beautiful track “Reflections” (listen below) sent me into a melancholic and nostalgic state when Truth dropped it in his set during DEEP MEDi’s takeover of the Mungo’s Hi-Fi Arena. The hairs literally stood up all over my body and brought about an actual tear-jerking moment of solitude as I too reflected on my week in Croatia, and how it was so quickly coming to an end. A definite prominent track in the LP, Wayfarer cements himself with this song as being on the cutting edge once again, one to look out for come the 27th.

Chewie, another dubstep head, part of the Uprise crew, is another artist responsible for the Youngsta-esque minimal and dark 140 sounds. His track “Inferno” is packed with much raunch and a sonic like wave of sub-bass and a kicky bit of percussion, whilst his pairing with Dubtek to produce “Primitive” will take you to the dungeons so to speak, with an atmospheric set of kick drums placed over a relentless, minimal and mystical bassline, one for the dubstep aficionados for sure.

Support on the night will come from dnb titans, Gerra and Stone, two Southampton bred DJ’s, who return to their humble origins in order to grace us with their b2b beat matching wisdom. Ambassadors on the night for Dispatch and Proximity records, they will be responsible for providing some much needed drum and bass come the the 27th, something they will not fail in bringing with them. Tracks to look out for by them include “Test Chamber” and “Tenfold.” Step-A-Side of Annihilate Audio will present his skills in dubstep, with his sound very much familiar with J:Kenzo. Tunes which got my attention include the minimalist track “Vault” and the percussive “The Divide.”

The second room will be run by Durbs Music. They’ve got Espio and Rushmore supporting BBC 1Xtra DJ Beat Cleaver:



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