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Perhaps the most important thing to point out here is that this event is taking place on a boat. Said boat will set sail from Southampton in the early afternoon, cruise around The Solent, and then return to port in the evening. Anyone that doesn’t suffer from seasickness will (hopefully) have been dazzled by a beautiful sunset as well as treated to a substantial amount of excellent music courtesy of Scuba (there’s definitely a pun here somewhere). If you do suffer from seasickness then perhaps this isn’t the event for you. However, all is not lost! So as to appear nondiscriminatory to those unable to partake in water-based activities, High Tide are also throwing double-venue after party at Orange Rooms and Pop.

As mentioned, headlining the boat party will be Scuba. Scuba is the man behind the distinguished record label Hotflush Recordings which has been releasing influential music spanning a variety of genres since 2003. Both Scuba and Hotflush Recordings have their routes founded in the early dubstep scene but have both since expanded to other styles. It’s not about genres though, the point is that both Scuba and his record label have definitely been front-runners in the music scene since their inception. You can get an of the caliber Scuba’s record label from the mix embedded below …  it contains seven of the most well renowned tracks released in recent years, all released on Hotflush.

Before Scuba steps up (or maybe after, I don’t actually know the set times) Tom Budden from Southampton will be gracing the decks of the High Tide boat. Tom is actually involved with High Tide and cites the pedigree of the boat parties as the main influence for starting his ALiVE Recordings imprint in 2008. Fast forward five years and both High Tide and ALiVE are still going strong — the latter celebrating it’s 50th release and 5th birthday this year! Check out the mix below as a taster.

Also on the boat, spread across two decks, will be Gary Bennetton, Gareth Sutcliffe, Myles Lloyd, ThemAgen, and Drew Hill. And then later on, at the after party, you’ve got Spiteri, Dan Reid, Pelo Rizardo, Fraser Thomas, Josh Thomas supplying the music before Jordan Peak steps up. If you look up Jordan’s bio you’ll see that he’s “set upon creating a discourse of grooving, boisterous and organic basslines crashing against funk-inflected analogue stabs” … I’m not sure what that means but I think it’s definitely worth investigating. Anyhow, here’s a mix from Jordan Peak that he did for BBC Radio 1:



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