FRE$H continues Junk’s Halloween weekender with Fonti & Bushkin, founding members of Heartless Crew.

Fonti and Bushkin are definitely no strangers to the music industry DJing and performing together since their early teens and most famously known for their formation of the ever popular band The Heartless Crew. These two guys could already be described as legends in the game having already received notable chart success with a top 20 single and a compilation album which peaked at no.3 in the album compilation chart. They are widely looked upon as being pioneers in the UK music industry.


Fonti and Bushkin are not your average DJ and MC duo from sharing the stages with the likes of Public Enemy, Ja Rule, DMX, Wyclef Jean, Sean Paul, Movado, Drake and many, many more with performances spanning across Europe, the Caribbean and America and having been headline acts for many of the UK’s top festivals these guys continue to do music for the sheer love and passion. As well as being a seasoned DJ/MC artist and a live performing act F.A.B are also experienced radio presenters and were part of an elite handpicked few who were brought in to pilot and launch BBC Radio 1’s sister station BBC 1Xtra in 2002. The guys were with the BBC for 5 years and take great pride and pleasure in saying that they were part of the initial team that helped build the station into what it is today, they also set a very high standard of entertainment and broke records and new boundaries in listenership along the way, some of these records still stand.

Fast forward to 2011 and the guys are at it again, now with a radio show on Rinse.FM which has recently been given a full broadcasting license making it the only station of its kind on the FM Dial. The Show is on air every Friday evening 7-9pm and is called F.A.B present.

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