Before you read anything just take 6 minutes out of your day and watch this new video for Gentleman’s Dub Club‘s latest single “Riot”. It really is worth the watch (turn your speakers up, put it on full screen).

Gentleman’s Dub Club is a nine-piece band that formed in Leeds in early 2006. They put on a super high energy show and have a musical style based in dub, ska and roots reggae. They’re known for having a crystal clear and, as you might have guessed already, heavyweight sound both in their studio recordings and live performances. Their music sounds fantastic at home but it really starts to make sense when you see them perform live. If you’re up for a party then look no further than a GDC gig: It’ll be energetic, high quality and most likely extremely loud. I mentioned dub and reggae but don’t expect anything too easy going!

One of GDC’s biggest hits “High Grade” has a video comprised of various live performances from around the world ranging from the biggest festivals to the tiniest local venues (10 points if you spot any from Southampton). Take a look below and you’ll soon see that I wasn’t kidding when I said super high energy:




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Adam is a physics graduate from the University of Southampton with an interest in electronic music. He co-founded Sotonight and was involved with SEMSU and other music-related projects while at university.

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