Future Garden returns to The Church …

“It all started two summers back where we just sat down and decided that we wanted to do something different in Southampton as we couldn’t find exactly what we wanted in the existing music scene. It definitely came from our love of house/disco music and we just wanted to hear it out a lot more. Most clubs seemed to play commercial rubbish and lots of house parties we went to we found where more about getting fucked than the music … so we decided to put on parties for our friends, playing the music that we loved.”

— Aaron & Tim from our interview with Future Garden.

Tickets are £4.00+fee and can be purchased below via SOTONIGHT. You DO NOT need a PayPal account.

You will be issued an e-ticket, please print this and bring it with you on the night. If you haven’t got a printer then you can use your newfangled smartphone.

You may purchase multiple tickets for a group of people but please ensure that you then arrive as a group … this will make things easier for everyone.



The button above should cause your a thingy to appear (check the bottom right hand corner of your screen). If you have any problems, please visit this link to purchase tickets.

Photo credit: Cristina Barge


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