Joining us at RoXX on the 28th March is drum and bass legend Dub Phizix, a producer that has been sending waves through the DnB scene since 2011 when he released “Marka” with Skeptical on Exit Records. His half-step, minimal 170 beats were a breath of fresh air to the scene when they first surfaced, and his continued productions both with MCs and without still stand out as original and full of energy despite their relative minimalism.


Dub Phizix has an the ability to create stripped back drum and bass that is both intricate and able to rip up dance floors. The timbre of each drum is carefully manipulated to perfection and ordered into cleverly orchestrated rhythms. His sets are full of energy, incorporating other genres such as dancehall from the likes of Baby Cham and anything else with an uncompromising beat and hilarious vocalist. Recently, the tune that has been going off at every Dub Phizix gig has been “Salford John” which is devoted to a wonderfully crazy acquaintance of his from Manchester. It has the vocal “8 gold rings like I’m Salford Salford John” on repeat, accompanied by a hefty riddim.

Along with his impressive productions, Dub Phizix is a seasoned DJ, who continually causes madness on the dance floor both with his razor sharp mixing and excellent selection of tunes. Joining him in Southampton will be non other than Strategy, the MC who provided the dread vocals for Marka. Strategy is a leading member of the incredible hip-hop scene currently residing in Manchester along with the likes of DRS, Fox, Chimpo and Chunky. A fantastic hip-hop artist in his own right Strategy adds even more energy and humour to the sets of Dub Phizix and his freestyle capability is hard to rival. The infamous “whose rhyme is it anyway?” game in which members of the crowd yell out topics for Strategy to freestyle about to the beat of Missy Elliot’s “Work It” is commonly played when this duo are around. Together, they make one of the best drum and bass shows around at the moment.

Joining Dub Phizix is Seven, long time observer of the early dubstep scene with a release on the mighty Tempa label as early as 2009, and recently starting his own label, Uprise Audio, which has been releasing groundbreaking music from up and coming producers along with productions from Seven himself. Nominated for best new label in Dubstepforum awards two years in a row, Uprise Audio is showing that 140 is still alive and kicking, and Seven’s DJ sets showcase new productions from himself and others on the label.

Seven is one of the staples of the current UK dubstep scene and is still pushing out that dark,  sub driven style of dubstep that we all know and love. With an album on Black Box and a recent release on Tempa alongside Youngsta his production capabilities are hard to criticise. Seven also featured heavily on the recent Uprise Audio album “Live From The Future” and provided the eponymous track with the vocals of Southampton MC and promoter Joe Raygun who is hosting this night.

Jman is a quickly rising talent in the UK hip-hop scene and deservedly so he is bringing the energy and fun back to UK hip-hop. He has a style no dissimilar to the old days of Foreign Beggars. His debut album “Auranography” has caught many eyes and features the likes of Dr Syntax. Jman will be performing a very special album showcase on the night so this is a must see show. This track has a ridiculously good jungle section around 3 minutes in and is a prime example of the creativity of this young talent.

Hailing from Bristol Split Prophets are also ones to watch over the near future, a hip-hop collective who have perfected and given their own take on the UK hip-hop sound. Monotony across tracks can often be a problem with hip-hop groups but all of the Split Prophets MCs are all full of individual personality and carry a distinct flow and style whilst maintaining a cohesive group identity.

Other acts on the night include Southampton’s home grown talent now household names to most drum and bass headz Gerra & Stone, along with Levi Jules and Dub Concept b2b Bobby Flex.


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