EVENT: DJ LUCK & MC NEAT – 11.10.13



Junk brings a new series of Friday nights titled FRE$H where they play host to some of the hottest names in the urban scene. Garage has long been a pedigree sound in the culture; a deeply embedded genre that has of late been propelled back into popularity, such is the semi-cyclical nature of the music industry.

For the 11th October, FRE$H are bringing down garage legends DJ Luck and MC Neat, as they return to Southampton for the second time this year . Southampton is no stranger to garage having produced the Artful Dodger duo who gained popularity during garage’s glory days. Taken from a previous article, Adam provides this insight into the factors of the sound’s resurgence:

It’s safe to say that garage is making has made a come back in a big way. I think maybe it’s to do with this new generation of listeners discovering garage for (perhaps) the first time; several things are happening all at once as a result:

  1. New young producers are putting out tracks which are clearly influenced by and packed full of the early 2000s UK garage vibes … The unstoppable force of Disclosure comes to mind.
  2. Those tracks, and hundreds more by relatively unknown producers, are making their way on to the larger YouTube channels and getting hundreds of thousands of views. Major radio stations, advertising agencies, record labels, promotion companies, venues, and publishers are also picking up on these tracks and bringing UK garage straight back into the mainstream conscious.
  3. It’s a pretty solid bet to say that if you go to a club night claiming to showcase new/current/cutting-edge/future music then you’re also going to hear plenty of UK garage classics too … why should us young people be the only ones having all the fun? Well, we’re not: The DJs/producers/etc that made those tracks are catching on and coming out of the word-work. They’ve either either been lying dormant for years or have been chugging along in the background but now they’re getting themselves out their again.
  4. Many of the old school DJs and producers are either reinventing themselves or are managing to demonstrate just why they were so successful in the first place by doing what they do. DJ EZ’s recent escapades in the Boiler Room demonstrate both these things pretty well.

A duo that fit snugly into my third and fourth point above are DJ Luck & MC Neat. Case in point: In 2011 they put out a re-edit of one of their most famous songs from 1999. Not ringing any bells? Well, with a bit of luck this’ll stir up some memories:

Singing along? Haha, well the 2011 re-edit is available on Mixmag’s SoundCloud.

Bringing back old school heavyweights such as this duo will arouse nostalgia for some and an education for others. Aiding the duo in the exploration of the urban spectrum will be Kojo,STATUS 100 and SHOCKA B.

The best nights always have a varied pallet on offer FRE$H has duly taken note!  Friday nights at FRE$H will also have the Box Bar open (downstairs), setting the stage for a full night of dance music.



About Author

Adam is a physics graduate from the University of Southampton with an interest in electronic music. He co-founded Sotonight and was involved with SEMSU and other music-related projects while at university.