EVENT: DJ EZ – 08.11.13


Photo credit: Alex Paterson via junkclub.com.

Junk‘s strong relationship with DJ EZ becomes increasingly apparent this November, as the garage legend is booked to appear in the latest of the club’s new series of Friday nights, FRE$H, continuing the urban theme introduced with these nights in September.


The booking, which sees EZ follow garage contemporaries DJ Luck & MC Neat as well as Radio 1’s Tim Westwood at FRE$H, will mark his 5th, set in Southampton (so far) in 2013. The man therefore needs little introduction, but if you have yet to experience a mix of his, his boiler room from last December does well to showcase not only his comprehensive garage record collection and his wildly impressive technical skills on a turntable, but also his ability to start a party – the crowd goes off in this.

If this hasn’t satisfied your appetite for shuffling hi-hats and pitch-shifted vocals, you can get a further taste of EZ from his resident slot on Kiss FM every Friday evening.

Thanks in large part to the consistent quality and commitment to the scene of EZ himself, UK garage music has seen a recent surge in popularity, meaning you can count on Junk to deliver the fantastic atmosphere that Southampton students and locals alike have come to expect. For anyone unfortunate enough to have missed all of EZ’s sets earlier this year, this is not one to miss, as anyone who did catch him will be able to tell you.

The night also continues to showcase Junk’s regular FRE$H DJ’s, including Kojo and Status100.



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