EVENT: DJ EZ / WOOKIE – 03.05.13


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So DJ EZ played at Junk (twice in one night) just a couple of months ago. It was so damn good (seriously, it was incredible) that they’re bringing him down to Southampton again for another BANG BANG, even though he ripped one of the fader’s out of their mixer during one of his bat-shit crazy transitions (excuse the language). If you missed him last time then now is your chance to catch the man who is widely regarded as one of the greatest DJs ever to grace the UK garage scene. If you were there last time then why are you even still reading this?


DJ EZ recently appeared in the Boiler Room for a Red Bull Music Academy show and, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can listen to (and even watch) his set as many times as you like. It’s downright crazy and takes a few listens to even get a remote idea as to what the hell is going on. If you’d like some things explained, then check out a piece that Martin Clark (Blackdown) did for Sonic Router. He attempts to explain some of the techniques that DJ EZ is using throughout his set. It’s definitely worth a read, especially so for anyone with a pair of CDJs.

Supporting DJ EZ will be Wookie, another figurehead of the UK garage scene. You may not be that familiar with Wookie’s name, but you’ve most likely heard some of his music: He has produced for Justin Timberlake, Sia and other big names. More recently, having returned from a six-year hiatus he has produced for Jessie J and Rizzle Kicks. If you’re one to be put off by these “mainstream” names then don’t be, his record bag will be packed full of classic tunes, probably including some of his own! For example, Battle:

And for some more recent work, check out his remix under a different alias for Jessie J (he produced the original edit):

Right, so hopefully that tickles your fancy. Also billed on the night are BITR8, Krown Jules and Dub Concept, no doubt they’ll be packing their record bags (or CDs, whatever) with a selection of garage classics.



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