EVENT: BREACH – 24.05.13



So, this is a bit late really but I figured it’d be rude not to write something! Tonight Junk are hosting Breach (or BrEaCh if you prefer), also known as Ben Westbeech. You’ll find his records as Breach on Dirtybird, Pattern (daughter label of RAMP Recordings), and Naked Naked (his own imprint). He’s enjoyed rather a lot of hype recently from “Jack” which, admittedly, is extremely catchy and does sound pretty great in a club. I say admittedly because I’m not a massive fan of it if I’m honest. But don’t let me dissuade you, it will be played tonight (I will heat some non-specific head attire if it doesn’t) so you can make your own mind up.

I’ll embed “Jack” below but I’d like to showcase a couple of other Breach tunes before I do. The first is “Fatherless” from 2010.

Next up is “You Won’t Find Love Again”, released on his own label Naked Naked.

Here’s a rather tasty collaboration with Dark Sky, also via Naked Naked.

And finally, the aforementioned “Jack”.

I hope that gives you an idea of his Breach’s sound. Well, the tracks are all somewhat different so maybe it doesn’t. Perhaps looking up a recent Boiler Room set would be more useful, it’d give you an idea of what to expect from his DJ sets.

Support comes from Joseph Russel, Rocksteddy, BITR8, and Cholombian.

See you there!



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