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Welcome to a new series of features in which we’ll be introducing you to the people behind Southampton’s growing scene. We’ll be showcasing big, small, old, and new venues, promoters, collectives, and more from Southampton and the surrounding area. You can expect quick chats and in-depth interviews with the people behind the brands as well as plenty of information, history, and details on what the future might hold for the various groups. If you’d like to be featured on SOTONIGHT then head over to our contact page and get in touch.

For this edition in the series, we would like to introduce Muddywellies …

Muddywellies  is a collective of DJs from Solent University who have teamed up  to put on underground house nights in Southampton. Last year saw the crew put on a number of nights at one of the city’s flagship venues: The Joiners (voted best small venue in England).

Within the crew are duo Pelo Rizardo who have of late been signed to Deep Tech records. Their partnership saw them performing internationally, headlining a Serbian festival this year!  The international experience is a theme within the crew, which brings with it a distinct techno sound. So you can expect any Muddywellies night to be a decent night of well curated deep tech.

With the majority of their club nights being run at the Joiners for the very friendly price of £4, the guys have got your back: Providing you with an affordable dose of quality house music for very little cost indeed. They have hosted larger club nights at Junk and and also frequent the downstairs deck of the High Tide boat parties. To get to know a bit more about what to expect from the crew, we exchanged a few words with the lads:

Questions by Iggy Willats given in plain text.

Answers from Fraser given in italics.

First up: A bit about yourselves… How did you guys meet and subsequently start putting nights on? And the name, how did that come about?

We created muddywellies so that us and our friends could party together to the music that we wanted to play and listen to. Music that couldn’t find anywhere else in the city. As for the name, to be honest we’re not quite sure.

So who and what sound have you guys enjoyed spinning the most recently?

Inspired by the sound of London’s underground parties, the style Romania has given birth to and an eye opening visit to Berlin last year has allowed us insight into the freshest producers and DJs coming through all around the world. Which we have been supporting at our parties bringing unique sounds to Southampton unavailable anywhere else.

When and where can we expect to be seeing muddy wellies nights this year? Any interesting collaborations that we should look out for?

Our home is The Joiners which is where it all began but we also host the lower deck of High Tide boat parties and have recently thrown parties at Junk and will have our final show there in December. We were actually lucky enough to headline a 48 hour festival in Serbia this summer also which was such an amazing experience.

Lastly, for anyone out there who is thinking of starting a night themselves what advice can you provide them with?

Well our thing is that the parties we throw are all about the music and the vibe, if you’re throwing a party for any other reason than to share musical experiences with other like minded people then I think your starting off on the wrong foot to begin with.

Muddywellies will be throwing their last party of 2013 at Jjunk on the 7th December, accompanied by East End Dubs. For more information, have a read of our preview article.



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