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Welcome to a new series of features in which we’ll be introducing you to the people behind Southampton’s growing scene. We’ll be showcasing big, small, old, and new venues, promoters, collectives, and more from Southampton and the surrounding area. You can expect quick chats and in-depth interviews with the people behind the brands as well as plenty of information, history, and details on what the future might hold for the various groups. If you’d like to be featured on SOTONIGHT then head over to our contact page and get in touch.

First up are Future Garden. FG are not a club night, neither do they have a fixed location. They are crew of fun loving students intent on providing quality parties inside unique, interesting venues. The crew put on disco fueled nights in large student houses across the Portswood area, which they decorate suitably well … expect coloured drapes, disco balls and tropical plants.

These guys are a breath of fresh air for those who have grown tired of the sometimes Groundhog Day-like nights across the city centre. They have now hosted five events. Four house parties and, just before the summer, a larger event in the unique venue that is The African Caribbean Centre (aka The Church) in St Mary’s. Their events have a distinct style you won’t find anywhere else in the city. Every night they put on is hugely anticipated by their ever-expanding and dedicated following. The success of their first party has seen the audience grow from a small group of friends into a large amicable fanbase. This, and Future Garden’s careful cultivation of their brand, have contributed to the overwhelmingly friendly party atmosphere that has come to be expected of their gatherings.

Photo credit: Cristina Barge

We managed to catch Tim and Aaron for a quick Q&A to give you a bit of an insight into Future Garden:

Questions by Iggy Willats given in plain text.

Answers from Tim and Aaron, given in italics.

So, Future Garden has quickly become a household name. How did the idea for it come about? Is the fact you guys have such a similar taste in music a coincidence or something that’s developed as a group?

It all started two summers back where we just sat down and decided that we wanted to do something different in Southampton as we couldn’t find exactly what we wanted in the existing music scene. It definitely came from our love of house/disco music and we just wanted to hear it out a lot more. Most clubs seemed to play commercial rubbish and lots of house parties we went to we found where more about getting fucked than the music … so we decided to put on parties for our friends, playing the music that we loved.

The night at “The Church” was superb for those that didn’t make it or hear about it. Tell us a bit about how throwing a party in such a unique venue came about?

We had heard of the church before and thought we would check it out after another venue fell through. Checked it out and saw its potential. It’s nothing like other clubs in Southampton which is what got us so excited. It gives us a lot more space and flexibility to do our own thing, which is what we liked about throwing house parties in the first place.

What can we expect from the crew this year?

We will be taking over The Church again on the 26th October and the rest we can’t disclose for now.

Lastly: Your summer track?

So much great music came out this summer, but one of our top picks would be Larry De Kat – Elevator Funk on Lazare Hoche Records.

Stay tuned for more information on Future Garden’s upcoming events. To give you an idea of what to expect from The Church on the 26th October, take a look at this video that FG released, all the footage is from their last party there:

That’s it for now, we’ll have more of our Introducing series online very soon.


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