Review & Interview: Jackmaster live at Junk Southampton for Not Your Thing


Saturdays at Junk are invariably a very special affair. The club has cemented itself as one of, if not the best in Southampton when it comes to underground music events with their Not Your Thing brand taking the helm on Saturday nights. Time and time again people leave the club at around 5ish on a Sunday morning not just contented, but quite frankly ecstatic.

Saturday the 3rd October was yet another such example, with the prestigious decks being graced by a DJ that has steadily established himself as a contender for best DJ in Britain. Glasgow born Jack Revill, known to most as Jackmaster, delivered an incredible set that was a journey through everything good that the electronic spectrum has to offer. Switching from techno, to disco, to house, it seemed that Jackmaster was going to stop at nothing to get the whole crowd going. The particular highlight for me was the impressive mixing of Arman Van Helden’s classic “You Don’t Know Me” into the far darker and infinitely more techy Elso by Snilloc, a combination I would never have dreamed would work, yet absolutely blew the roof off. And it was in this vein he continued, bringing in a bit of electronic funkiness with records like Late Nite Tuff Guy’s “Do I Believe in God“, or a real disco vibe with Martin Solveig’s “Exotic Disco Mix” of Salif Keita’s “Madan”.


Credit: Liam Simmons

In a time where any individual with a relatively successful record out can be booked to DJ, regardless of their talent in the field, it’s refreshing to go and see a DJ of this calibre play out in Southampton. Especially when supported by such great residents, with Stephen Knight playing the best I’ve ever seen him play, clearly driven on by the passion of the club. I caught up with Jackmaster after his show to have an enthusiastic chat about music, Junk, and DJing:

I can tell already that you’re a big fan of Junk, would I be correct in assuming that and would you liken it to Sub Club [Glasgow] at all?

I wouldn’t compare it, no. Every club has to have its own identity, but do I like Junk a lot. Of course I do, it’s fucking sick here. It’s the only place I can see myself playing in Southampton.

You played “Elso” by Snilloc tonight, and you’ve been playing it a lot recently, what other tracks are you feeling at the moment?

It’s a great record! It’s actually a cover of a Lil Louis record called “French Kiss“. You’re probably too young to have heard it, but it slows down in the middle and it’s actually got a girl having an orgasm over the top of it … but the Snilloc cover doesn’t have that, so I slow it down myself on the CDJs. I’m a shameful plagiarist, but I’m not gonna imitate the orgasm.

I also remember hearing you play “Never Grow Old” by Robert Hood not too long ago … ?

Yeah man, I’ve always been a fan of Detroit Techno. That’s always been my thing, and Robert Hood is one of the main proponents of that along with Jeff Mills, Underground Resistance, and more – it’s all my type of shit. Actually the record I play is a remix of the original, it’s called “Never Grow Old (Re-Plant)”.

How about three essential Robert Hood records for our readers?

Museum” definitely, “Never Grow Old” … oh I’ve already talked about that one haven’t I? Most if the M-Plant stuff is untouchable for that minimal techno sound. He has a track called “Minimal, Minimal” actually which I’ve been reaching for a lot recently.

Yeah, “We Magnify His Name” maybe?

Noooo, not that. It’s good, but I try to stay away from music that’s got like a religious connotation to it, because I’m an atheist. I’m not about that, I don’t support tunes that are too religious or preachy in nature.

Final question, what would you say to DJ’s out there who are inspired by you and are trying to follow a similar path?

It’s pretty simple really. Be yourself, it’s harder to be yourself than it is to imitate. Work hard, if you’re truly honest and believe in what you are doing, you might not be the most famous DJ, you might not be the most recognised DJ, but you’ll go home at night feeling happy within yourself, and that’s all that matters really.

Thanks Jack!

No worries, is there a decent kebab shop round here?


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