Get Involved

Here at Sotonight we’re always on the look out for fresh faces to join the team. Listed below are just some of the opportunities available. All the positions come with perks and we’re happy to provide references should any of your work with us lead to future employment! If you think you’ve got something to offer but can’t see how it fits into any of the positions below then please do still contact us, we’re eager to hear what you have to offer!

For all opportunities, email Adam on adam{at}sotonight{dot}net or use the Contact form.

Writing Opportunities:

  • News & Events Team: We’re looking for writers to join our team to provide coverage of all the events (including festivals) and venue announcements from across the city and beyond. In some cases contributors are given exclusive advance access to forthcoming announcements in the form of press releases and tip-offs from our friends in the scene. In other cases, it’s a matter of playing catch up as venues announce their events without prior warning. Our News & Events Team will suit you if you enjoy dropping everything at a moments notice to whip up an article and publish it before the news breaks elsewhere. OK, maybe it’s not quite as dramatic as that but you get the idea! The content of news articles should be concise yet informative, but also provide extra insight and titbits in the form of statements from the venue/promoter, relevant history pertaining to the Southampton scene, and detail on the artists/DJs where relevant.
  • Reviews Team (Events): A big part of what Sotonight does is to provide commentary and critique on the Southampton scene. Well written and informative reviews are important to both event organizers and punters alike. It’s all very well having X, Y, and Z headline an event, but what was the atmosphere really like? How well was the event organized? Was it worth the money? Were the performances from the artists/DJs better than your wildest dreams? What were the nice touches that may the event stand out? Were the drinks expensive? How stunning was the sound system? Were you blown away (hopefully not literally) by the pyrotechnics and lighting displays? We love hearing what people have to say about events and we think reviews, critique and opinion articles are important parts of any scene. If you enjoy heading to gigs/clubnights/etc and think you might have something to say about them then get in touch. Perks: Free and/or VIP entry to clubnights, daytime events, boat parties, and more.
  • Festivals Team: There’s plenty of overlap with the Reviews Team here: The goals are the same but the timings are different. It’s no secret that Southampton’s music scene is largely driven by the student population and as such there’s a bit less going on over the summer months  … but not in terms of festivals: Southampton can claim the likes of Bestival, BoomTown Fair, and the Isle of Wight Festival all as local festivals. We therefore have the scope to cover these festivals, as well as those further afield that may be of interest to anyone living in/near Southampton. If you’re interested in providing press coverage for festivals then get in touch (coverage includes writing up announcements/press releases, providing preview articles before the event(s), and then producing post-event review article(s). Perks: Free tickets.
  • Music Team (Reviews & News): Something that we’re looking to increase our coverage on is the musical output of the Southampton scene. There are many many talented producers/DJs based in Southampton (both permanently and here for university) and we’d like to showcase more of them. In addition, we’d like to provide music reviews and coverage of new releases from artists that are soon to be playing in Southampton or have some connection to the Southampton scene. If you’ve got an ear for music critique then drop us a line. Oh, and we’re looking at starting a podcast series so if you’d like to run that then we want to hear from you ASAP.
  • Interview Team: As with many of these teams, there is some overlap. It’s likely that those writing news articles, producing festival coverage, and reviewing events are also likely to be in a position to interview artists and event organizers. Being able to provide the opportunity for people to interview internationally renowned DJs/bands/artists is something that we’re very excited about. If you’re as equally excited about that prospect then get involved! We’re also keen to produce interviews with local artists, venue spokespeople, and event organizers. If you’re someone who enjoys writing in depth pieces then this section is for you.
  • Features Team: This is not so much a specific team but rather a collective for people that feel they fit into many or none of the above teams. If you want to write something, whatever it is, then please get in touch. We’re open to fresh ideas. Here’s a quick list of some of the content we consider to be classed as ‘features’: Event/festival/music reviews, interviews, venue/organizer profiles, event/festival previews, general opinion articles, open letters, event roundups, nightlife/scene/clubbing guides, and so on.

Behind-the-scenes Opportunities

  • Developer Team: In order to grow Sotonight needs to, well, grow. We’re on the look out for talented (and beginner) programmers and designers to help us improve our online presence. This website is WordPress based so (from a programming and web development standpoint) experience with some or all of HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript is required. Familiarity with WordPress itself is also desirable, as is knowledge of SEO and SMO. If you have server-side experience then we’d also be interested in hearing from you. Our plans to develop an app are somewhat limited at present (as is our knowledge) so if you’re interested in helping us produce a mobile app (iOS and Android are the priority) then get in touch.
  • Social Media Team: A significant amount of our traffic comes from social media sources. If you’d like to help us reach hundreds of people on a weekly basis, and help us grow such that we’re reaching thousands of people then drop us an email.
  • Content Editors: If you’re interested in proofing, editing, and publishing other peoples’ content as well as producing general website content (such as this page and the About section in general) then we’re interested in hearing from you (extra points for pointing out typos and grammatical errors in this document).