Here at Sotonight we publish content that aims to  provide a full coverage of the nightlife, clubbing, and music scene in Southampton. Overall, there is a leaning towards the electronic and dance music end of the spectrum, but we’re gradually expanding our coverage to include all forms of music and all manner of events. Our event listing pages and ticket selling platform are open to all and we encourage promoters and venues to get in touch if they’d like to have their events listed on the website and sell tickets via Sotonight. The curated content on the site is provided by our dedicated team of contributors. We’re always looking for more people to join us, head over to our Get Involved section to find out more.

Southampton’s music scene has grown rapidly over the past few years; yielding big name acts and producing quality homegrown talent. Week in, week out the city now caters for a wide range of tastes at a number of different venues. As such, it can be hard to keep up with everything that’s going on and that’s where we come in! Our news section contains up to date information relating to new events, venue announcements, and — in the summer months — local music festivals. Keep an eye on the homepage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter and you’ll be the first to know what’s happening and where. In our Features sections you’ll be able to find: Regular interviews with both artists from the city and from the wider music scene itself; opinion articles on forthcoming events happening in or near Southampton; profiles on local promoters and venues; and reviews of events that took place both in Southampton and nearby.

Going back to our events and tickets section: All the event listings are categorised by type and by the genre(s) of music to expect. That is, if you have a particular inclination for boat parties, drum and bass, or perhaps deep house then we’ve got your back! The search tool on the main Events page is quite powerful, so you should be able to find just about anything there. As for tickets, some venues and promoters choose to sell tickets directly through us and some choose to direct customers to their own online shop of choice. As such, in some instances you may be directed away from our website when purchasing tickets for events.

For any enquires general enquiries, head over to our Contact page.