So, as they teased just the other day, Junk have booked Joy Orbison and Midland. The exciting revelation here is that we now know that they’re playing on the same night. This is extremely good news and will make for an unmissable night. Both artists have seen releases on the Aus Music imprint, so we’re in for a bit of a label showcase I suppose.

Competition: Now closed. Congratulations to Natasha Seetenah on her winnings (a pair of tickets).

Joy Orbison (real name Peter O’Grady) burst on to the scene in 2009 with “Hyph Mngo” through Hotflush Recordings, a single that was notable for its ubiquity (it was voted RA’s #1 track of that year) and striking singularity. Something almost immediately felt different about this artist—a belief that only deepened by what came after: No rushed sound-alike follow-up to “Hyph Mngo.” No online mixes. Barely any press presence. The Joy Orbison discography has developed at very much its own pace, with no 12-inches sounding quite the same—from the sputtering, sun-drenched garage of “J. Doe” to the woody, rolling house textures of “Wade In.”

It’s basically impossible to give a quick synopsis of Joy Orbison’s work. I don’t really know how to describe his sound and I don’t want to. He goes from stuff like Sicko Cell (not credited) straight into ridiculous collaborations with Boddika and then onto the exquisite Ellipsis. One of his most recent offerings (apart from his tracks on Nonplus’ Think & Change series) is this rework of Donell Jones’ “U Know What’s Up”, given away for free via his SoundCloud:

Midland made his 2010 debut alongside longtime friend Pearson Sound (as Ramadanman) with their anthemic track “Your Words Matter“, a track that would go on to be placed in DJ Mag’s “100 most important house records” feature. Within the track the pair wove, defied and played with a number of genres and, in doing so, Midland laid a clear foundation stone for his vision of how electronic music could be. It is a sound that is rooted in house and techno but with the rumbling low end of dubstep and wide screen experimentation of classic electronica. Since then, subsequent releases with Aus Music, She Works and Phonica plus remixes for artists like the 2 Bears and Julio Bashmore have cemented his reputation as a producer whose tastes reach beyond the dancefloor. His deft edits of Washed out, Boards of Canada and Caribou have become firm favourites with many and won over some diehard fans along the way.

As a DJ his sets are unsurprisingly diverse, something witnessed at clubs from Fabric to Plastic People to Space in Ibiza, Panorama Bar in Berlin and Chinese Laundry in Sydney. As a result he is just as likely to be playing seen playing alongside artists such as Joy Orbison as he is Marcel Dettman, Four Tet or Will Saul.

In February this year, Midland released “Trace” on Aus Music. The repercussions of which are still being felt around the world, it’s a bit of a monster. His latest output came in the form of an excellent release on his own newly minted imprint, Graded:

Moe West will be supporting Joy Orbison and Midland on the night.


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